Benchtop HPLC System - AZURA Compact

The AZURA Compact is the most basic and cost-effective HPLC system in KNAUER's analytical range.

With a maximum backpressure of up to 400 bar, this robust isocratic system is suitable for a wide range of standard applications.

It can be controlled via a number of different software packages or via the Mobile Control tablet app.

Additionally, AZURA compact can be upgraded with additional AZURA modules at any time.

The basis

The AZURA Compact HPLC system is based on the multifunctional element ASM 2.1L. This element integrates up to 3 modules in one functional and space-saving unit, e.g.

  • a degasser for a smooth baseline,
  • a precise isocratic pump with low pulsation,
  • and a variable UV wavelength detector.

The system is supported by the software packages ClarityChrom and OpenLAB. The modules can also be controlled directly via the intuitive Control Unit with touch screen.

Ultimate flexibility

Create your own HPLC system, with one or two customized ASM 2.1L elements. Choose from a variety of integratable modules:

  • P 4.1S: Pump with pressure transducer
  • P 2.1S: Pump without pressure transducer
  • DG 2.1S: Degasser 2-channel or 4-channel
  • UVD 2.1S: UV/VIS detector
  • V 2.1S: Valve drives
  • VICI Valco valve drives
  • Manual injection valve

How much space does your HPLC need on your benchtop?

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