Calibrator for Thermocouple and RTDs

Thermocouple Connections

The CL543B can simulate or read thermocouples by using the thermocouple or an extension grade thermocouple wire.  Thermocouple wires plug into the into the miniature thermocouple jack or the bare wires can be placed on the brass block underneath the screws. Mounted inside the top of the CL543B housing there are two banana jacks (1+ and 2-). As they are not temperature compensated they should only be used for millivolt signals.

RTD Connections

To simulate or read RTD’s copper wire is used. To do so, plug 2-, 3- or 4-wires into the corresponding jacks on the calibrator. For an RTD source the CL543B simulates the positive RTD from jacks 1 and 4 and the negative RTD from jacks 2 and 3. When measuring an RTD sensor the CL543B uses patented circuitry to automatically detect if 2-, 3- or4- wires are connected. This is helpful to identify poor sensor connections.

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