Measuring Pressure and Temperature of Process Gases


Omega’s FMA-PC16 Series portable digital mass flowmeters quickly and precisely measure the mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, pressure and temperature of process gases.

The FMA-PC16 allies the FMA-1600A Series meter with fittings and tubing to produce a portable gas chromatography calibrator.

Omega’s FMA-PC16 Series portable calibration units can combine up to three FMA-1600A Series or FMA-LP1600A Series mass flowmeters with totalizers and high-accuracy calibration inside a robust industrial carrying case with its own power supply and battery.

FMA-PC16 units include integrated push-connect fittings for each meter and flow software. The core of Omega’s mass flowmeters and calibrators is an internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that outputs linear results over a large flow range. This produces volumetric and mass flow data that is fully compensated for changes in pressure and temperature and corrected for the user’s STP. All portable mass flowmeters and calibrators come with calibration sheets that are linked to NIST standards and exemplary customer support, including technical phone support.

Omega’s FMA-1600A Series and FMA-PC16 Series mass flowmeters feature generous integrated displays with touchpad accessible gas selection from 30 user-selectable gas calibrations and both analog and RS232 digital communications.

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