Infrared and Surface Calibrations with the Dry Block Temperature Calibrators


OMEGA's new, portable temperature calibrators are lightweight and easy-to-use. The five models available cover the range -35 to 650 °C and offer wet or dry insertion, non-contact and surface calibration requirements.

  • Dry Block Calibrator: TCL-650S-D, ambient to 650°C (1202°F)
  • Dry Block Calibrator: TCL-165S-D, -35 to 165°C (-31 to 329°F)
  • Micro Bath Calibrator: TCL-M165S-B, -35 to 165°C (-31 to 329°F)
  • Micro Bath Calibrator: TCL-M255S-B, ambient to 255°C (491°F)
  • Multi-function Calibrator: TCL-3M165E, Dry Bath, Micro Bath, Infrared Blackbody, and Surface Temperature

Why calibrate? Over time temperature sensors will experience a drift in output as they are subject to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. In order to isolate the specific drift sensors should regularly be calibrated, as this provides data on the differences between the actual and measured temperatures. This data can be critical to the running of a smooth process operation.

OMEGA™ Dry block calibrators and micro bath calibrators are one of the best ways to check and calibrate a large variety of temperature measuring instruments and temperature sensors; mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic measurement equipment can be checked with ease. These compact and hardwearing calibrators are easy to transport, simple to use and offer all the features required for industrial and laboratory calibration requirements.

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