Grid for Transmission Electron Microscopy and TEM - PELCO SynapTek™ Grids

PELCO SynapTek™ grids provide the best stability for coating with a support film. These TEM grids are very robust, can be cleaned easily, are free of contamination, and can be reused after cleaning. They are 100 µm thick (4 mil) (except Mo, which has a thickness of 75 µm (3 mil)) and have a diameter of 3.05 mm. Standard slots of oval 1 x 2 mm are available, as are 0.5 x 2 mm slot, a 0.8 x 1.8 mm slot, and a 1.5 mm diameter hole for higher yields. The SynapTek™ grids are made of a beryllium copper alloy in the standard version, but are also available in nickel, molybdenum, or gilded (gold plated) for special applications. These grids have special identification and handling features and are supplied as 100/vial except molybdenum, which is available as 25/vial.

DOT: One side of the grid is marked with two square dots for clear identification, visible to the unaided eye
NUM: A number between 0-99 stamped on one side of the grids (instead of the dots) for identification. Numbers are in random orders and may be duplicated.
NOTCH: An indentation stamped on one side of the grid to enable easy handling by tweezers.


Inset: fully loaded PELCO SynapTek GridStick™ with 1 x 2 mm PELCO Synaptek™ Grids.

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