Multi Purpose EM Grid Boxes – MEM

The MEM grid boxes have several innovations that enhance ease of use, provide more secure storage, and integrated documentation.

These innovations include:

  • “Tree” shaped TEM grid storage cavity almost completely removes the chance of damaging the TEM grids. There is a separating wall between the grid storage cavity and the tweezers cavity, so the tweezers will only be able to grip the edge of the grids.
  • The extra slider with a window between the cover and grid storage box exposes only 4 grids at a time, which prevents grids from falling or “jumping” out of the storage box.
  • An integrated grid storage record card is inserted in a dedicated slot on the back of the MEM grid box.
  • The white plastic body of the storage box provides a good contrast. The cover lid and slider with window are made of clear plastic providing good visibility.

Two types of MEM grid box are available:

  • 161-96 - store up to 96 grids, size 81 x 54 x 10 mm
  • 161-32 - store up to 32 grids and up to 8 blocks, size 81 x 54 x 14 mm



grid storage record card inserted in slot on back of box

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