Stain Proof Xylene Resistant Labels for Microscope Slides

StainTUFF™ Stain Proof Xylene Resistant Labels

  • Ideal for microscope slides
  • Ideal for histological staining
  • Xylene and Chemical resistant label
  • Smudge and abrasion resistant

Ted Pella’s new StainTUFF™ labels are perfect for use with histological staining protocols. The versatile adhesion of the labels means they can be applied to microscope slides, containers, and even directly to paraffin wax blocks.

Their innovative coating makes the labels particularly resistant to stains, and they are not colorized through contact with reagents such as hematoxylin or eosin. These xylene-resistant labels are also highly resistant against rough handling, smudging, abrasion and scratching.

Compatible with all major brands of thermal transfer printers, including CAB, Datamax-O’neil, Zebra, citizen and more.

Use XAR-class (Xylene Resistant) resin ribbons.

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