Perforated Desiccant Canister Holding 40 g - DriCan®

The DriCan® is a small perforated canister with 40 g of indicating silica gel. The strong light case can be used for many years. When the gel has absorbed all the moisture it can and the color has changed from blue to pink, the gel can be regenerated by heating in a conventional oven. The gel can then be reused. This can be repeated many times, making DriCan® the “forever” desiccant. The canister has enough material to protect up to 3 cubic feet (85 L) of enclosed space.


  • Reusable
  • Easily regenerated using a convection oven
  • High moisture capacity
  • Easy to use

Safe for all Products

The contents of DriCan® are chemically inert, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and odorless and do not have any harmful effect on the materials it comes in contact with. It can be used to dry air in all types of packages such as glass jars, air-tight cans, plastic pouches, tool boxes, and wall safes.

Dimensions: 55 x 102 x 13.5 mm (2.16" x 4.0" x .53")
Contains 40 grams of active silica gel.

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