Spring-Energized Seals - OmniSeal® 103

The OmniSeal® 103 Spring-Energized Seal is ideal in static/low-speed application, providing outstanding leakage control at low temperature and high pressure.

The Seal features a Fluoroloy® jacket whose special shape keeps the energizer spring within the jacket cavity. Common crucial components include aerospace anti-blowout seals (rocket engine check valve) and energy custom seals (on/off valves and subsea ball and gate valves).

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Material Polymer jacket
Round ribbon spring
Service Conditions Temperature: 250 to +250 °C
Pressure: UHV to 100 MPa
Max Speed: 1 m/s
Feature Clamping load: 5 N/mm
Dimension   Face Radial
Diameter: 10 to 3000 mm 6 to 3000 mm
Cross Section: 1.4 to 12.7 mm  
Min. Tolerances: +/- 20 μm  




The following options can be added to the product:

  • Seal Clamping
  • Extrusion Resistance
  • Abrasive Loose Media
  • Special Seals Design
  • Non-Metal Energizer

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