Thermoplastic Economical Material - Meldin® 1000

The Meldin® 1000 thermoplastic economical material solution is ideal for rigidity and strength.

All grades are processed using injection molding and available as finished parts. Common critical components include automotive piston rings and scroll tip seals (air conditioning compressor) and rotor bearings (fuel pump); life sciences piston rings (dental tool compressor) and bearings; and industrial piston rings and scroll tip seals (refrigeration compressor).

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Material Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
Engineered for rigidity
Service Conditions Service Temp: -50 to +200 °C
Max Load: 35 MPa
Feature Tolerance Control: +/- 25 μm
Capacity: >50 M/yr
Defects Program: 0 ppm
Dimension Injection molding: φ=[2;200] mm



The following options can be added to the product:

  • Load resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • Thermal expansion reduction
  • Low coefficient of friction

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