Spring-Energized Seal - Omniseal® 400

The Omniseal® 400 seal is a spring-energized seal that may be used in a variety of applications, including leakage control at moderate pressures or temperatures. The product provides good friction due to its Fluoroloy® jacket that is energized through a corrosion-resistant, v-shaped spring. For applications in food processing or cleaning in place, silicone-filled spring cavities may be utilized.  

The typical critical parts of the device include energy face and static seals with large diameters, aerospace seals for landing gearbox actuator shafts and auxiliary power units, and a welded back-up spring for FPSO turret swivels. To facilitate better performance, the Omniseal® 400 seal may be coupled with an extrusion resistance mechanism, a non-metal energizer, an abrasive loose media, seal clamp, or special seal designs.

Precise Fit

The Omniseal® 400 seal works well with various temperatures, including cryogenic states. The device features a closed groove assembly and low clamping force, enabling the Omniseal® 400 seal to tolerate extreme temperatures while maintaining moderate levels of pressure and velocity.

Lifetime Confidence

The Omniseal® 400 seal is resistant to fatigue, making its operational ability relatively longer than other similar products. The device continuously maintains its oil-free condition and manages the build-up of debris. With these features, the Omniseal® 400 seal is easily able to facilitate rapid gas decompression.

Product Features

  • Made up of high-performance polymer material
  • Features a cantilever v-shaped spring
  • Works best in temperatures between - -50 to +350 °C
  • Maximum speed of 1 m/s
  • Works under pressures between UHV to 100 MPa
  • Clamping load of 1.5 N/mm
  • Face and radial diameter between 15 to 3000 mm
  • Minimum tolerance of +/- 20 μm

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