Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA/DSC

The heart of a TGA is the balance cell. Our TGA instruments use the world’s best micro and ultra-micro balances. By using one of the three removable sensor types the TGA/DSC 1 simultaneously measures heat flow in addition to weight change. Thanks to its modular design, the TGA/DSC 1 is the ideal instrument for manual or automated operation in production and quality assurance through to research and development.

Features and Benefits

  • High resolution – ultra-microgram resolution over the whole measurement range
  • Efficient automation – most reliable sample robot for high sample throughput
  • Wide measurement range – measure small and large sample masses and volumes
  • Broad temperature scale – analyze samples from ambient to 1600 °C
  • Mettler Toledo ultra-micro balance – rely on the balance technology leader
  • DSC heat flow measurement – for simultaneous detection of thermal events
  • Gastight cell – ensures a properly defined measurement environment
  • Hyphenated techniques – evolved gas analysis using MS and FTIR
  • Modular concept – tailor-made solutions for current and future needs

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