Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer - DMA 1

Mettler Toledo’s DMA 1 is a multipurpose DMA. Measurements can be performed in all standard deformation modes (bending, shear, tension, and compression), even in liquids or at fixed relative humidity levels. A unique feature of the DMA 1’s is its rotatable measuring head.

  • Broad temperature range — from –190 °C to 600 °C
  • Flexible placement of the measuring head — measurements can be done in all deformation modes, even in liquids or at various relative humidity levels
  • TMA measurements — for measuring expansion coefficients, effects caused by creep, and relaxation times

The DMA 1’s unmatched versatility allows applications to be carried out in the ideal measurement configuration. The DMA 1 can be set up in a fast and easy manner, whether for experiments using static forces, conventional DMA analyses, or measurements in liquids.

Dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) from METTLER TOLEDO

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