Silicone-Coated Fabrics and Textiles — ARMATEX®

Mid-Mountain produces silicone coated fabrics and textiles made up of different substrates coated with silicone rubber compounds. ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics and Textiles are developed for application in environments that demand chemical resistance, high heat or flame resistance, UV or weather resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Silicone coated fabrics from Mid-Mountain come in an extensive range of colors and are designed to improve abrasion and chemical resistance to the substrate. They are generally used in removable pad insulation, gaskets, thermal insulation barriers, and for protection from weld spatter and slag.

In addition, Mid-Mountain produces specialty silicone coated fabrics exclusively developed for the unique application of users. ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics have been employed as airbags for spacecraft, protective robot covers in extremely adverse environments, flexible closure assemblies for aircraft loading walkways, and as intumescent cargo covers on aircraft.

Alongside these advanced application areas, ARMATEX® Silicone Coated Fabrics are routinely used to fabricate standard products as varied as insulation blankets and pads for industrial insulation, welding curtains and blankets, die cut gaskets, and high temperature industrial seals. These components can be tailor made for permanent fixation into furnaces, crucibles, and extrusion equipment, or designed in standard geoemtries for ease-of-adjustment, removal, and reuse.

Silicone-Coated Fabrics and Textiles—ARMATEX®

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