Computerized Multi-Gas Calibration System — Series 6100

The Environics® Series 6100 computerized multi-gas calibration system is an advanced computer-controlled instrument specifically designed for dynamic multi-point gas calibration of ambient air analyzers.

The Environics® Series 6100 can automatically execute zero, span, precision, and multi-point calibrations using hydrocarbons, O3, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and other gases of interest. Additionally, the 6100 conforms to all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

The Series 6100 computerized multi-gas calibration system includes several components, such as a chassis that supports up to three thermal mass flow controllers, a mixing zone, an ozone generation module, control electronics, and a reaction chamber for gas phase titration. Units can be designed for 24, 120, or 240 V operations. Standard options include the latest ammonia circuit and permeation.

From the front panel, commands can be entered and displayed on a backlit 4 line by 20 character liquid crystal display. The RS-232 serial data interface or contact closures — both of which are standard in the Environics® Series 6100 — can also be used to operate the instrument remotely.

Although the Environics® Series 6100 comes standard with two mass flow controllers, a third one can also be added to support a larger range of dilutions. Furthermore, the mass flow controllers are calibrated to a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable primary standard. The calibration data includes a comparison of preferred flow versus actual flow over the instrument’s entire dynamic range with linear interpolation between points. All calibration data is stored in non-volatile memory but users can update it with an appropriate standard.

The Series 6100 temperature-controlled, ultra-violet (UV)-based ozone generator is factory calibrated using a NIST traceable ozone standard. The ozone generator comes with a precision photo-optical feedback circuit to offset lamp aging effects.

The Series 6100 ozone generator is available in either a portable configuration or standard rack mount.

New Features

  • The Environics® Series 6100 can now be ordered or retrofit to run on a 24 V power source, allowing users to utilize their units anywhere, anyplace.
  • For those working with ammonia, the S6100 can be designed with an optional NH3 circuit to dilute ammonia without risking the degradation of the ozone circuit.
  • Both new and in-service units can be improved for low ozone levels, down to 2 ppb repeatedly to conform to 40 CFR Part 58, Appendix A requirements at NCORE and trace sites.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Automatic computation of dilution and span gas flows based on commanded concentration not only removes the requirement for manual computation but also enables quick transition from point to point.
  • Easy-to-use interactive software with simple language prompts is convenient to use, decreasing technician training time and almost eliminating error.
  • Ozone generator calibration data is stored internally and ensures linear and repeatable ozone generation without photometer control to a stable, repeatable 2 ppb. In addition, ozone generator performance conforms to U.S. EPA criteria for ozone transfer standards.
  • Mass flow controller calibration data are stored internally and they enhance precision by as much as a factor of 10 and simplify field recalibration. Moreover, mass flow controllers are factory calibrated at 11 points.
  • Full, two-way RS-232 serial data interface (standard) allows remote operation of the system including gas selection, data collection, and initiation of zero, span, and multi-point calibrations.
  • Ozone generator pressure compensation guarantees stable and repeatable generation of ozone at pressures other than the original calibration pressure.


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