WafIR™ ATR Wafer Checker for FTIR Spectrometers

The WafIR™ from Harrick Scientific Products is a horizontal ATR accessory designed to analyze monolayers and other thin coatings, coated onto one side of wafers that are polished on both sides. It includes a silicon crystal with an incident angle of 45° to couple the light in and out of the wafers.

The WafIR is equipped with a pressure applicator that includes pressure pads provided for optimal contact even with the least contact area located external to the measured area. A slip-clutch integrated into the pressure applicator limits the total force exerted on the sample. For achieving repeatability, the pressure applicator has been designed to be compatible with a torque wrench.

The WafIR is completely confined to ensure rapid purging and is compatible with a majority of the FTIR spectrometers.


  • Multiple reflections ensure high sensitivity
  • Wafers measuring from 52 x 10 mm up to 203 mm (8″) in diameter are accommodated by the unobstructed, horizontal sampling surface
  • Fixed incident angle of 45°
  • The equipment can be easily aligned and used
  • Non-contact sampling technique; contact with the coupling crystal occurs external to the measured area
  • Silicon coupling crystal can be replaced
  • Offers 33 reflections from the coated surface for a wafer with a thickness of 0.770 mm
  • Exclusive pressure applicator including pads ensures minimal contact with the sample
  • Integrated slip-clutch restricts the total force exerted on the sample
  • PermaPurgeTM enables quick exchange of sample without any interruption to the purge


  • Silicon coupling crystal-integrated WafIR
  • Compatible hardware for the given spectrometer

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