Powder ALD Research Tool: PROMETHEUS

PROMETHEUS is the latest series of advanced powder atomic layer deposition (ALD) research tools from Forge Nano. Engineers at Forge Nano have dedicated a decade’s time to design, improve, and optimize this system, to make it a leading commercial powder ALD research tool.

The PROMETHEUS series is the ideal choice for any researcher seeking a dependable powder ALD tool that allows truly scalable commercial applications.

PROMETHEUS has been designed for:

  • User-friendly operation—Recipe-based control system allows experiments at the click of a button
  • Versatility—Ability to process a wide variety of micro- and nano-powders from grams to kilograms
  • Powders—Every single grain of powder is coated evenly
  • Customization—Three reactor sizes, several dosing channels, and other optional features

Forge Nano has been supplying PROMETHEUS worldwide to facilitate a new generation of advanced materials. A virtual white-space condition for intellectual property development has led to an urge to discover the next innovation in the field of materials science. PROMETHEUS is the tool that can make it a reality.


Technical Specifications

The PROMETHEUS tool offered by Forge Nano is the world’s most versatile, dependable, and cost-effective particle ALD R&D system. PROMETHEUS tools allow revolutionary R&D and new product development, while allowing IP generation.

advanced powder atomic layer deposition (ALD) research tool

Features of PROMETHEUS Tools

  • Heated manifold for consistent vaporization of precursors
  • Customized recipes for quick innovation
  • Prescribed operating boundaries
  • Isolation valves for air-free handling of sensitive powders and coatings
  • Emergency stop logic
  • Multiple precursor zones for individual heating of solid and low vapor pressure precursors
  • Multiple fluidization aids for even coating


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