Brookhaven Instruments’ BI-ZTU Autotitrator

Brookhaven Instruments has now introduced the BI-ZTU Autotitrator option for the NanoBrook zeta potential analyzers. The autotitrator has been designed for the automatic determination of the isoelectric point (IEP) in colloidal materials.

Four pumps offer unprecedented flexibility to optimize the use of reagents. The significant savings in terms of reduced labor costs enables large-scale analyses that yield more useful results.

The BI-ZTU Autotitrator can also be used to assess the impact of salt concentration on zeta potential. Besides this, the costs of the surfactant can be reduced. The BI-ZTU Autotitrator can even be used to determine the least concentration at which the zeta potential does not vary considerably.

Features at a Glance

  • Disposable sample cups
  • Four metering pumps ensure excellent versatility
  • Titrations can be performed with salts, bases, acids and surfactants

Easy Operation

The BI-ZTU Autotitrator is easy to install and use:

  • Fix the power supply to the rear of the BI-ZTU Autotitrator
  • Link the BI-ZTU Autotitrator to the zeta instrument with the help of a standard USB cable
  • Fill the four 100 mL regular reagent bottles
  • Insert the tubes
  • Substitute the plug-in electrode assembly with the flow cell
  • Users are ready to go

Integrated, Simple Software

Upon adding the BI-ZTU option to a NanoBrook zeta potential instrument, the titrator command will show up in the main menu bar. The user is automatically guided through an auto-titration experiment by the software. Step-wise guidance can be given to even inexperienced operators through an easy-to-use dialog box.

Example of pH Titration Measurement Results

Automatic collection and analysis of data saved significant labor and time.

Example of pH Titration Measurement Results

Image Credit: Brookhaven Instrument Corporation

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