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Brookhaven Instruments Particle Solutions Software

Particle Solutions is a powerful data acquisition package from Brookhaven Instruments. It combines five measuring technologies - DLS, PALS, ELS, μRhe, and ASEC—in a single package.

Nanoparticle, Protein, and Polymer Characterization with Particle Solutions

Features at a Glance

  • LIMS laboratory information management system support
  • Essentials mode provides a streamlined user interface for more general-purpose, basic and routine measurements
  • Custom correlator layouts currently offer the most precise size distributions and size measurements for all kinds of samples
  • Multimodal size distribution has been improved to provide a more precise graphical image of the particles being quantified
  • SZP Surface Zeta potential measurement capability is also provided
  • DLS Microrheology measuring method for viscoelastic properties of complex fluids, like aggregating protein solutions
  • Health Mode post-measurement analysis for PALS, ELS, and DLS
  • Statistical Process Control is smoothly incorporated
  • Professional Recommendations—before, during and after measurements; the software currently provides suggestions to enhance the quality of measurements and solve general issues
  • SOP Help—SOP editors are now supported with pop-up help that explains every parameter
  • Automation options improve workloads
  • Configurable display of data and reporting formats
  • Sample data can be easily filtered and searched
  • Results can be rapidly and easily exported to PDF, XLS, or CSV formats

3D Graphing option with Particle Solutions.

3D Graphing option with Particle Solutions. Image Credit: Brookhaven Instrument Corporation

Note: Particle Solutions is only usable with Brookhaven Instruments light scattering systems.

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