ZEISS Smartproof 5 Widefield Confocal Microscope for QA and QC

The adaptable ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield, confocal microscope is a reliable, accurate, and quick integrated solution for surface examination. Roughness and topographical characterization are two industrial uses of this microscope that are often used in R&D laboratories, QC/QA departments, and production settings.

The robust ZEISS Efficient Navigation (ZEN) software powers this high-quality confocal system, enabling it to provide distinct advantages, including greater productivity and optimal user comfort.


Trusted Output

  • A perfect balance between rapid speed and high resolution is achieved by Smartproof 5’s correlated aperture confocal technology and proprietary widefield
  • With the aid of the finest ZEISS optics and designated components, users can efficiently operate across a number of applications
  • ConfoMap, the ZEISS version of Mountains-Map, the industry-recognized gold standard in metrology software, is included with Smartproof 5
  • Users can easily develop the necessary reports by analyzing data in accordance with international standards

Guided Workflows

  • Due to its simple system and software workflows, Smartproof 5 is perfect for production and process monitoring
  • The workflow-oriented graphical user interface (GUI) and teachable inspection jobs lead users through repetitive chores
  • Smartproof 5 guarantees user-independent data acquisition as a platform for dependable, reproducible outcomes

Integrated and Robust Design

  • Benefit from a system that is completely integrated: The microscope houses the camera, electronics, and optics
  • The strong, compact Smartproof 5 boasts a solid build that can effectively handle vibration


The Best of ZEISS Optics

The new ZEISS objective class C Epiplan-Apochromat is intended for use with widefield confocal systems. These high numerical aperture lenses work well in the visible spectrum as well as at 405 nm, which is the wavelength utilized to capture widefield confocal pictures.

Widefield confocal technology in the microscope offers higher throughput compared to conventional point scanning confocal microscopes.

The Smartproof 5 detector module incorporates correlated aperture spinning disc technology to acheive higher throughput while keeping the standard benefits of confocal microscopes for surface characterization. Excellent lateral and height resolving power are both features of the ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield confocal microscope.


Guided Workflows for Precise Navigation

With its integrated ZEN graphical user interface, Smartproof 5’s operations from macro to detail are supported seamlessly, making orientation simple. The overview image allows users to specify the measurement location with ease.

Users can analyze and inspect the 3D attributes of their samples using Confomap software when the data is automatically transmitted there. Users can store their process, enabling them to repeat the same microscopic 3D examination.


Output Users Can Trust

Components of Smartproof 5 are motorized so that the software is able to monitor the status of each component. As a consequence, procedures for recurring acquisitions are simple to set up.

The robust ConfoMap program assists users in undertaking roughness analysis in 2D (profile) and 3D (area), the latter of which is based on ISO standards, or looking at the geometrical properties of samples.

ZEISS Smartproof 5 Widefield Confocal Microscope for QA and QC

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