Prof Kamran Nikbin

RAE/BE Professor of Structural Integrity

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
United Kingdom
PH: +44 (20) 75947133
Email: [email protected]


Professor Nikbin has worked at Imperial College, London since 1979 and holds the Royal Academy/British Energy research chair in "Structural Integrity" at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He has over 200 peer reviewed publications. His aim has been to direct the advanced metals group"s research activities to achieve an overall goal of developing predictive techniques of failure using fracture mechanics, continuum damage mechanics, micro to meso-scale multi-scale modelling techniques and validating the results with appropriate focussed experiments. He has vast experience in advanced structural alloys" structural failure response under creep, fatigue and environmental corrosion and degradation. to He has been involved with industry and research establishments on numerous multi-disciplinary projects dealing with different aspects of fracture ranging from cryogenic to very high temperatures. In particular his main impetus has been in the field of high temperature creep/fatigue crack growth, by considering the experimental, metallurgical, micro-modelling and numerical predictions associated with it. His interdisciplinary approach to structural integrity has advanced the high temperature design and life assessment modelling methodologies available to R&D.

Professor Nikbin"s findings have been integrated in numerous standards and life assessment codes. He is an executive member of ASTM committee E08 in the USA on crack growth, chairman of the international VAMAS (Versailles agreement on materials and standards), BSI committees and the European ESIS/HTMC-TC11, COST and Brite/Euram collaborative networks.

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