Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Pioneer in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled a new spectrometer for sophisticated materials analysis called ARL PERFORM’X X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer.

The system can perform bulk elemental analysis, small spot analysis and mapping for any types and sizes of samples, including thin films, powders, liquids and solids.

ARL PERFORM’X X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer

The highly accurate ARL PERFORM’X offers a wide range of analyzed area between 0.5 and 35 mm to the users. Users can detect and analyze previously undetectable gradients, flaws and elemental additions in samples by using sophisticated sample visualization and X-ray mapping functionalities of the spectrometer.

The ARL PERFORM’X spectrometer resolves composition problems in challenging industrial quality and process applications and thus is suitable for analytical laboratories in the process control, materials science, petrochemical, chemical and geochemistry industries that demand versatility, durability and speed. The spectrometer’s dual sample loading capability enables it to analyze over 60 samples per hour and thus provides quick and accurate analysis of up to 84 elements.

The XRF spectrometer’s groundbreaking sample recognition functionality assures safe and simple loading of liquids and solids. Moreover, the equipment provides constant and reproducible results. The spectrometer uses the updated version of Thermo Scientific OXSAS software that provides quick and highly precise reporting functions to increase the productivity of the spectrometer. The equipment’s synoptic panel allows users to monitor the internal functioning and real-time operations of the system remotely on an isolated monitor.


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