Powerful Pumping Laser Diode Now Offers Passive Cooling

Osram Opto Semiconductors has developed an air-cooled version of the Sirilas laser diode for mobile applications that require less output and no water cooling. The module, impressive for its compact design, contains a laser bar comprising 16 individual emitters. It can be integrated in diode laser arrays and are individually replaced and therefore easily maintained.

Normal circulating air and simple equipment such as fans or thermoelectric coolers (TEC) are all that are needed for efficiently cooling the new Sirilas laser diode. Its heat sink consists of solid copper material with high thermal conductivity. The new laser diode follows the more powerful water-cooled Sirilas version and is particularly suitable for mobile and other applications where water cooling is not possible, as with laser equipment for medical use. An integrated lens produces an almost parallel beam with a typical vertical divergence of 1.5° (full angle).

The air-cooled version is used for pumping compact, solid-state lasers of low-to-medium output. With a wavelength of 808 nm, it is suitable for neodym-doped, solid-state lasers (Nd-YAG). These are used in marking or engraving applications, mobile medical equipment for ophthalmology and dentistry and in the consumer sector for cosmetic treatment, such as depilation. Chips with other wavelengths (800 nm to 1000 nm) can also be integrated in the package.

On its launch, the new Sirilas is expected to achieve an output of 20 W.


Posted15th June 2005

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