2012 TESTXPO Attracts Over 1,200 Material Test Experts from Across the Globe

More than 1,200 subject matter experts gathered at Zwick/Roell headquarters here this month to take part in a four-day informational exchange on the latest advancements in the characterization of mechanical properties for materials and components.

Guests from countries including China, Russia, and the United States came to the 21st testXpo forum to learn more about the latest techniques and international standards for the characterization of plastics, composites, automotive materials, metal alloys and biomaterials.

According to Dr. Jan Stefan Roell, Chief Executive Officer of Zwick/Roell AG, two major themes for this year's event were innovation and automation. Each theme is a reflection of trends in the testing of materials and components.

"As customers seek new ways to address the challenges within their respective markets, they look for solutions that optimize testing routines," Roell said.

At this year's testXpo, Zwick demonstrated its commitment to supporting these customer requirements through the presentation of the new Allround-Line system for composites testing and the roboTest platform which increases throughput via automation of test sequences, he said.

The new Allround-Line system for composites testing was the centerpiece of Zwick's newlyopened Innovation Center where test engineers from a myriad of industries and academic disciplines received demonstrations of tensile, compression and bend tests on composites as well as impact tests, extrusion plastometry tests and tensile tests on plastics.

The theme of automation was supported through the demonstration of more than five different types of automated testing systems across varied fields of application. Systems on display ranged from the roboTest R (Polar) for fully automated tensile testing of metal and plastic specimens to the roboTest L, which was set up to exhibit automated loading of metal test specimens. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to network in the biergarten on the pavilion outside the Innovation Center, where they held informal discussions ranging from best practices in extensometry to state of the art gripping techniques for compression testing of fiber-reinforced composite materials. Zwick also announced the winner of its "world's oldest testing machine" contest with the award going to The Petersburg State Transport University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The horizontal hydraulic testing machine, which is at least 136 years old, receives regular calibrations and remains in use for the characterization of rope.

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Zwick/Roell AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of material and component testing systems. The company supplies both standard and tailor-made solutions for the most demanding requirements - in R&D, production and quality assurance - across more than 20 industry sectors. Privately-held, the company's consistent focus on innovation and commitment to outstanding quality have supported its growth in markets worldwide. Additional information about Zwick/Roell AG may be found at www.zwick.com.


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