Wide Range Partial Pressure Gauge from Hiden Analytical

Vacuum processing is an essential element of diverse chemical, metallurgical and electronics-related procedures including vacuum furnacing, chemical vapour deposition, surface etching and evaporative coating, with process pressures ranging from ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) through to millitorr.

HMT Wide Range Partial Pressure Gauge

The Hiden HMT residual gas analyser (RGA) is conceived to offer a single partial pressure gauge to operate through the full vacuum spectrum from high vacuum to millitorr to provide process gas trend analysis, vacuum background diagnostics and leak detection. The integral dual-detector enables monitoring at high pressure by Faraday detector and at lower pressures to UHV by electron multiplier detector, giving full conventional RGA specification with partial pressure detection down to 2x10E-13 torr and a total dynamic range in excess of 10 decades.

Selection of the Process Mode sets the analyser parameters for process operation, with system sensitivity automatically optimised for the specific process pressure. Selection of the RGA Mode automatically resets the system for optimum UHV sensitivity and activates electron multiplier operation and overpressure protection. The system is under full PC command with template-driven quick start operation. Multiple units are operable over internet link, with automatic stop/start process control configurable via the integral TTL lines.

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