Rigaku Releases 2D Hybrid Pixel Array Detector

Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Rigaku HyPix-3000 detector, a next-generation two-dimensional semiconductor detector designed specifically to meet the needs of the home lab diffractionist.

HyPix-3000 hybrid pixel array detector

The HyPix™-3000 is a hybrid pixel array detector with a large active area of approximately 3000 mm², a small pixel size of 100 μm², a high count rate of greater than 106 cps/pixel, a fast readout speed and essentially no noise. Seamless switching from 2D-TDI (Time Delay and Integration) mode to 2D snapshot mode to 1D-TDI mode to 0D mode with a single detector makes the HyPix-3000 the most versatile and timesaving diffraction detector on the market today. Each pixel on the HyPix-3000 detector has dual energy discriminators, which makes it possible to adjust the energy window width by setting the energy threshold to “high” and “low,” respectively. The low-energy discriminator can eliminate electrical noise and reduce fluorescence background, and the high-energy discriminator can eliminate cosmic rays and white radiation. As a result, data can be measured with an optimized signal-to-noise ratio.

Rigaku’s HyPix-3000 detector is available as an option on the popular Rigaku SmartLab diffractometer, an instrument capable of performing powder, thin film, SAXS, reflectivity, and in-plane scattering experiments. The flexibility of the SmartLab™ diffractometer is augmented and enhanced by the leading edge capabilities of the HyPix-3000 detector.


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