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NETZSCH Announce Webinar Series Focused On Thermomechanical Analysis

Material characterization by means of thermal analysis is the focus of a new series of online seminars by NETZSCH.

The upcoming webinar in this series centers on thermomechanical analysis (TMA). The method is suited for determining the dimensional changes in solids, liquids or pasty materials as a function of temperature and/or time under a defined mechanical load. It is closely related to dilatometry, which determines the length change of a sample under negligible load.

Based on the measured thermal expansion, the coefficient of expansion can be calculated. Additionally, TMA allows for the observation of phase transitions, sintering steps or softening which can yield further information on the composition, structure, processing conditions or application range of materials.

The webinar first introduces the basics of thermomechanical analysis and then shows the great variety of application possibilities offered by this method using various examples.  

After the webinar, participants have the opportunity to ask questions of NETZSCH experts. Participation is free of charge.

Click here for more information, and to register now.

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