TA Instruments Introduces the Industry’s First Benchtop High Pressure TGA System

Image Credits: TA Instruments

TA Instruments is pleased to introduce the new benchtop High Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzer, the Discovery HP-TGA 750.  This instrument is the first product developed jointly with the team from recently acquired Rubotherm and TA, bringing together the industry leading technologies of both organizations.  It is the first and only benchtop high pressure TGA available.

At the core of the new Discovery HP-TGA is a Patented ultra-high resolution magnetic suspension balance, and new temperature control system that combined produces the most sensitive and accurate results.  The HP-TGA 750 has higher resolution than any competitive offering, making the system ideal for the measurement of reactions with fast kinetics.  The low volume environmental chamber is optimized for quick gas change and pressurization. It is designed with non-porous isolation material assuring the purest sample atmosphere.  The new compact, high-performance furnace delivers heating and cooling rates orders of magnitude higher than competitive systems. The HP TGA 750 is optimized to test samples at high pressure levels, in even the most severe environments.

The Discovery HP-TGA measures sample weight changes under controlled conditions of temperature, time, and atmosphere. It is used to characterize the thermal stability and composition of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, and inorganics. It excels in both research, product and process development laboratories.

The new Discovery HP-TGA 750 is the result of a fantastic collaboration between our Rubotherm scientists and TA’s thermal products development team.  They built upon unique patented technologies and incorporated industry leading capabilities such as TRIOS into this new product, opening new markets for TA and further extending our world leading position in thermal analysis.

Terry Kelly, President, TA Instruments

The Discovery HP-TGA 750 comes standard with features that include a high-pressure sample chamber with the highest heating and cooling rates available for productivity and the elimination of unwanted reactions for the most accurate and precise process simulation.  It has an integrated gas dosing, gas blending and pressure control system with automatic gas switching, and a touch-screen for ease of use.  Also included and standard on all Discovery products is TA’s industry leading TRIOS instrument control and data analysis software package.

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