Dynamic Image Analysis Can Easily Replace Sieving

Particle size analysis by sieving can be tedious: it involves weighing, sieving and cleaning and is prone to errors. With Dynamic Image Analysis, however, particles are not only characterized more precisely and comprehensively, it is also much faster and superior to sieve analysis in its resolution, precision, and reproducibility. Based on the unique dual camera technology, RETSCH Technology’s CAMSIZER P4 measures the size and shape of powders, granules and bulk materials in a range from 20 microns to 30 mm with Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA).


The DIA technique is much faster than sieve analysis so that production parameters may be monitored and adjusted in real time. A smooth change from sieve analysis to CAMSIZER P4 is easily possible thanks to algorithms for emulating sieve analysis.

The CAMSIZER P4 reliably analyzes all size and shape parameters of a great variety of bulk materials including spherical and irregularly shaped granulates and crystals, pellets and extrudates.

Thanks to the robust construction and a measuring technique that is not sensitive to disturbances, the particle analyzer is also suitable for operation under challenging industrial conditions.

In combination with the optional AutoSampler, efficiency can be increased by high sample throughput due to the automated sample measurement.

For dry and wet measurement of particles in a size range from 0.8 microns to 8 mm, RETSCH Technology offers the CAMSIZER X2 model which also uses Dynamic Image Analysis.

RETSCH TECHNOLOGY is a leading supplier of optical particle analyzers covering measuring ranges from 0.3 nm to 30 mm. Based on a variety of measurement technologies, the instruments are suitable for particle size and particle shape characterization in dry and wet mode.

Source: https://www.retsch.com/


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