Kaman UK Invest £1 m in New Chemical Treatment Line

World-leading aerospace innovators, Kaman UK, have invested over £1 m in a new chemical treatment line which will deliver surface treatment techniques to the aerospace industry. On Tuesday 21 May 2019, the Kaman UK team will celebrate this investment with live demonstrations to the industry, highlighting this new capability for its Darwen site.

Christopher Morris, Kaman UK’s Managing Director sees the new chemical treatment line as an excellent addition to the existing production processes. He said:

“This is a significant stage in the development of the Darwen site which will bring extensive benefits to our customers. There is a huge demand for treatments capability in the industry and this line will deliver an efficient and cost-effective solution.”

The new line is computer controlled with fully automated loading, immersion and transfer capabilities through the 3ft, 5ft and 8ft baths. Kaman is seeking NADCAP accreditation for the line and expects to secure it by the end of the year. The line already includes NADCAP approved Penetrant Flaw Detection Plant and Spray/ Bake Paint and Primer Equipment.

The Kaman team will demonstrate the capabilities of the new treatment line with a series of presentations to more than 75 key industry figures.

Kaman’s range of special processes is expanded through the new line and includes chromic acid anodise (CAA), chemical conversion coating (Alocrom 1200), acid pickle and clean of titanium, vac blast, zinc spray, welding and paint finishing.

Plans are also in place to introduce Tartaric/Sulphuric Anodising (TSA) to further strengthen Kaman’s surface treatments capability. TSA is a replacement technology adopted by the aerospace industry to meet with EU mandates for the reduction of hazardous materials in the working environment (REACH), whilst giving comparable levels of corrosion protection and coating quality.

Kaman UK has a 70-year history of technical breakthroughs and innovation which global aerospace and automotive clients rely on to deliver high performance component parts into their supply chain.

Source: https://www.kaman.com/fuzing-precision-products


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