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Jordi Labs Speaks at Extractables and Leachables West Coast 2019

Boston – Jordi Labs, a worldwide leader in Extractables & Leachables testing, is proud to announce that its Laboratory Manager, Kevin Rowland, will be speaking at Extractables & Leachables West Coast 2019 on November 18.

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Kevin’s presentation is titled, "Minimizing Response Factor Variation for Extractables and Leachables to improve Quantitative Accuracy using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), Ultraviolet (UV) and Charged Aerosol (CAD) Detection.”

In this presentation, Kevin will report the results of a systematic study of the response factors for nearly 1500 E&L relevant compounds. Response factor variation was studied using three different detector systems (LCMS, UV, CAD) and the deviation in response factors by each detector was compared. These results were correlated with compound functionality in order to determine which detectors showed the least variation for different, but related, groups of compounds. A comparison of the stability of the response factors on multiple LCMS-UV-CAD systems was also performed to determine if response factor databases created on one instrument platform can be migrated to other platforms without creating additional error. The overall effect of response factor variation on quantitative accuracy will be highlighted and recommendations will be given for the optimum detector configurations to minimize quantitative error.

Jordi Labs helps companies in industries including medical devices, surgical instruments, consumer products, food & beverages and polymers with polymer analytical chemistry testing of more than 100 analytical techniques including Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (LCMS), Ultraviolet (UV) and Charged Aerosol (CAD) Detection.

Jordi Labs particularly specializes in helping manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food and beverage packaging. From testing for contamination in food products to product failure, Jordi can put together a comprehensive plan to identify the root cause and provide the route to a product that works.

About Jordi Labs

Founded in 1980, Jordi Labs provides the highest quality polymer analytical services. As a family company, we take pride in helping our customers overcome their analytical challenges by providing world-class polymer analysis using cutting-edge instruments and personal assistance from our highly trained staff. We’re not finished until the job is done with integrity and excellence. That’s the Jordi Way.

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