Simula Receive Order for Vehicle Armour from US Army

Simula have just received another order for ceramic/composite armour panel kits for the US Army’s M1117 Armoured Security Vehicles or ASV’s. The order has come via Textron Marine and Land Systems, who manufacture the vehicles.

The order is worth approximately US$1.1. million and constitutes another 20 kits, which are in addition to previous orders which required 54 kits. The vehicle armour order is also in addition to a recently awarded order for more SAPI personal body armour, placed by the US Army.

The ASV’s are four wheeled, lightly armoured vehicles, used for transporting military police. The armour protects them from small arms fire and fragment threats, while the armour itself is sufficiently light so as to not slow the vehicle down appreciably.

For more information on armour, click here.

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