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Rigaku Announces New Tagline ~POWERING NEW PERSPECTIVES~

Rigaku Corporation (Head Office: Akishima, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Ikeda; hereafter "Rigaku"), a leading manufacturer of X-ray analysis and inspection equipment, announces that it has launched a new slogan and a fresh approach to the market after 70 years of bringing innovation to the global scientific community.

Since its founding, Rigaku, together with its group companies in Japan and overseas, has conducted cutting-edge research and development and has manufactured analytical instruments, mainly X-ray and thermal analysis. These instruments generate data that provides valuable insights in key research areas such as drug discovery, advanced materials, and new product development. This work is performed under the corporate philosophy of "contributing to the development of human society through the advancement of science and technology".

President Toshiyuki Ikeda commented, “Last year, we celebrated our 70th anniversary. We also received major investment from the Carlyle Group and acquired MILabs, making 2021 a very significant year in the history of Rigaku. These changes have also provided an opportunity for us to review our priorities and direction with a fresh set of eyes.”

He went further to say, “As a company specializing in X-ray analytics, it has always been our company’s mission to help our customers to see things that cannot be seen or visualized with more conventional techniques. We are now implementing strategies to accelerate our growth ahead of our IPO. Consequently, we are replacing our slogan ‘Leading with innovation’ with something more consistent with our new objectives. The new slogan that we decided on is, ‘To improve our world by powering new perspectives’, and we have also updated our tagline accordingly to ‘POWERING NEW PERSPECTIVES’.”


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The “new perspective” element reinforces Rigaku’s fundamental mission to help end-users to find new ways of “seeing”. The “powering” element speaks to the power that X-ray technology can bring to revealing the most stubborn and well-hidden details, which can be overcome using best-in-class technology like the SmartLab 9kW XRD and the XtaLAB Synergy-ED, the world’s first turnkey Micro ED to reveal structures that were beyond the elucidation power of synchrotrons.

The overall slogan contains the element “To improve our world” which is a big motivating factor for Rigaku employees, who recognize that their technology is helping users at the forefront of scientific research to develop innovative and groundbreaking new products that contribute to human progress.

Beyond this new slogan and tagline Rigaku is working to implement a new company vision emphasizing their commitment to create innovative technologies and to work tirelessly with customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and local communities to help solve global-scale problems.

The new slogan and tagline will be used by Rigaku companies around the world from September 2022.

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About Rigaku

Since its inception in 1951, Rigaku has been at the forefront of analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. Today, with hundreds of major innovations to their credit, the Rigaku Group of Companies are world leaders in the fields of general X-ray diffraction (XRD), thin film analysis (XRF, XRD and XRR), X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (TXRF, EDXRF and WDXRF), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), protein and small molecule X-ray crystallography, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray optics, semiconductor metrology (TXRF, XRF, XRD and XRR), X-ray sources, computed tomography, nondestructive testing and thermal analysis.

With Rigaku's vast understanding of X-ray physics and complementary technologies as a foundation, the company and its employees are dedicated to developing and supplying universities, industry, and government labs with the ultimate in customer-focused integrated solutions across a wide variety of disciplines, including structural biology, nanoengineering research, general purpose X-ray diffraction (XRD) and spectroscopy (XRF), materials analysis, chemical characterization, and quality assurance.

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