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JEOL CRYO-FIB-SEM Enables Specimen Preparation for Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Peabody, MA --- JEOL is pleased to announce the introduction of a new CRYO-FIB-SEM, a Focused Ion Beam milling specimen preparation tool specifically designed for creating thin, frozen samples for Cryo-Electron Microscopy. The new system complements JEOL’s existing Cryo-TEM technology and provides a comprehensive solution for preparing and imaging vitreous frozen biological and biopolymer samples to be observed in the CRYO ARM 200 and CRYO ARM 300II Transmission Electron Microscopes.


​​​​​​​Image Credit: JEOL US, Inc.

JEOL’s CRYO-FIB-SEM incorporates a liquid nitrogen cooling stage and a cryocooled specimen transfer mechanism for optimum specimen handling. The CRYO-FIB-SEM has a built-in sputter coating function, making it possible to perform conductivity coating, protective film forming, and FIB processing in a single system.

Additionally, the workflow is based on JEOL's specially-designed CRYO ARM™ cartridge, allowing direct specimen transfer to the CRYO ARM™ after specimen preparation with the CRYO-FIB-SEM. A cryo-CLEM workflow using the CRYO ARM™ cartridge can be constructed using a cryostage manufactured by Linkam Scientific Instruments* and a fluorescence microscope manufactured by Nikon Solutions*. The stage coordinates of each instrument can be linked, so the orientation and position of the specimen can always be identified during specimen transfer between instruments.

Using Cryo-EM, researchers can capture high resolution details of proteins and biological specimens. With the advent of the resolution revolution for Cryo-EM beginning around 2010, JEOL CRYO ARM TEMs continue to solve structures previously reserved for traditional X-Ray Crystallography. Imaging data achieved at rapid speeds can be used to create 3D reconstructions of viruses and proteins. Data can also be interpreted using Single Particle Analysis, MicroED using electron diffraction from 3D crystals, electron crystallography, and tomography.

“Along with the CryoARM, the CryoFIB now closes the loop in the cryo-EM process to provide a solution that is completely JEOL. This will streamline the entire cryo-EM process, from sample preparation to data collection,” said JEOL TEM Product Manager Dr. Patrick Phillips.

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