Introduction to Solid State DNP NMR

Seminar Overview

Solid-state Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) NMR offers large signal enhancements (often several orders of magnitude), making experiments that were once inconceivable a reality. This seminar will introduce DNP to those who are not experts in the field and wish to learn about the technique, its requirements, and how it may be applied in their area of research.

The instrumentation will be presented along with various methods of sample preparation and a sampling of applications in the fields of biological and material science.


Fabien Aussenac, Ph.D. (Biography),
Applications Scientist

Ivan Sergeyev, Ph.D. (Biography),
Applications Scientist

Shane Pawsey, Ph.D. (Biography),
Applications Scientist

Key content

  • Introduction to solid-state DNP NMR and the technology required
  • Use of the technique for sensitivity enhancements and associated benefits
  • Overview of sample preparation methods for diverse applications
  • Applications of solids DNP NMR to biological and materials samples

Who should attend?

  • Solid state NMR spectroscopists
  • Material scientists
  • Students
  • Analytical service providers
  • Researchers new to or thinking about DNP

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