How Can NMR Spectroscopy Help in RNA Drug Discovery?

RNA plays a crucial role in every phase of the cell life cycle, with misregulation frequently resulting in disease. Recent breakthroughs in understanding RNA biochemistry, structure, and dynamics have highlighted the significance of RNA structure in cellular processes and disease. 

NMR spectroscopy is a unique and powerful technique that is suitable for characterizing various aspects of RNA and small molecules in the early stage of drug discovery.
This webinar will provide an overview of the versatile roles of NMR spectroscopy in RNA drug discovery for providing the structural basis for rational drug design. It will delve into advanced methodologies for simplifying crowded spectra associated with large RNA molecules. 

Furthermore, a case study focused on a disease-related RNA and a small molecule will be presented to demonstrate the practical application of NMR techniques in overcoming obstacles in drug discovery.

Key Learning Topics

  • NMR in RNA target characterization
  • NMR in RNA structure determination
  • NMR in RNA-small molecule engagement

About the Speakers

Dr. Yaqiang Wang is a Principal Scientist specializing in Structural Biology at Arrakis Therapeutics. He serves as the lead for structural biology endeavors related to RNA and small molecule characterization. Dr. Wang completed his postdoctoral training under the guidance of Prof. Juli Feigon at the University of California, Los Angeles, following the attainment of his Ph.D. under the mentorship of Prof. Gary Pielak at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Martial Piotto earned his Ph.D. in NMR spectroscopy from Purdue University, USA, under the guidance of Professor D. Gorenstein. He then joined Bruker France as head of NMR application, where he worked on various aspects of NMR spectroscopy, particularly in developing new pulse sequences and HRMAS technology. Over the years, he grew interested in the application of NMR in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. His work currently focuses on the characterization of Biologics (mAb, vaccines and therapeutic oligonucleotides) by combining NMR and multivariate statistical tools.

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