Overview of AvaSpec Spectroscopy Instruments

Avantes offers a range of spectroscopy instruments for a variety of applications, The AvaSpecStarLine series of instruments includes high- performance spectrometers which surpass the needs of most spectroscopy applications.

The StarLine series includes the AvaSpec-128 and AvaSpec-FAST instruments for process control, the AvaSpec-ULS3648 high-resolution instruments for complex measurements such as atomic emission, and the AvaSpec-ULS2048 and Avaspec-ULS2048L instruments for general applications such as absorbance chemistry and irradiance. These instruments provide a range of solutions for diverse applications and simultaneously provide great price-to-performance ratios.

AvaSpecStarLine Instruments

Based on front illuminated linear CCD arrays, the AvaSpec-ULS2048/2048L and AvaSpec-3648 can measure wavelengths from 200-1100nm, thanks to Avantes’ DUV coating.

The AvaSpec-128 is an ultrafast photo-diode array-based system designed for visible and near-infrared applications, and the AvaSpec-FAST series is particularly designed for high-speed acquisitions, such as laser and pulsed light source measurements.

The AvaSpecStarLine products can be used in a wide range of applications, such as absorbance chemistry; reflection and transmission measurements for optics, coatings, and color measurement; high-speed measurements for process control, LIBS or laser/pulsed source characterization; and irradiance and emission measurements for light characterization, environmental, and optical emission spectroscopy.

Integrated with Avantes’ modular platform, the AvaSpecStarLine instruments function as stand-alone or multi-channel instruments. They can also be used with other AvaSpec instruments from the NIRLine and AvaSpecSensLine series. The complete range of AvaSpecStarLine instruments is available as separate lab instruments or OEM modules for integration into existing system.

The StarLine instruments are supplied with an Ultra-Low Stray-light (ULS) optical bench or a standard AvaBench-45 optical bench. The AvaSpecStarLine series comes with several premium options such as non-linearity calibration and irradiance/intensity calibration.

AvaSpecSensLine Instruments

AvaSpec- 2048 XL

Figure 1. AvaSpec- 2048 XL

For customers requiring higher performance for complex spectroscopy applications such as Raman, fluorescence, and luminescence, Avantes has developed the AvaSpecSensLine (Figure 1) series includes five low-noise and high-sensitivity spectrometers.

Among these, two instruments are based on standard CCDs and upgraded to high-performance instruments thanks to Avantes’ unique detector cooling technology, and the other three are based on back-thinned detector technology, of which two include high-performance thermoelectrically cooled detectors. In the AvaSpecSensLine product line, the back-thinned CCD detectors are high quantum efficiency detectors that have unparalleled response in the UV, VIS and NIR from 200-1160nm.

Fully integrated with Avantes’ modular platform, the AvaSpecSensLine products function either as standalone or multi-channel instruments. These instruments can be used with other AvaSpec instruments from the AvaSpecNIRLine and AvaSpecStarLine series. The AvaSpecSensLine is supplied as an OEM module or as a lab instrument for integration into existing system.

Avantes’ High-Sensitivity (HS) optical benches and ultra-low stray-light (ULS) form the core optical technologies in the AvaSpecSensLine. These optical benches are highly stable and when combined with AS5216-USB2 electronics board, provide high-performance and low-cost instruments.

All products of the AvaSpecSensLine are designed to provide a number of performance features such as high-speed acquisition, high-stability, high- sensitivity, and low-noise.

AvaSpecNIRLine Instruments


Figure 2. AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7

The AvaSpecNIRLine products are high-performance, near-infrared spectrometers that are particularly designed for measuring long wavelengths. The instruments deliver excellent performance for dispersive NIR instruments with dynamic dark correction and toroidal focusing mirrors for improved stability.

The NIRLine series includes both un-cooled and thermo-electrically cooled instruments. The AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 (Figure 2) includes an uncooled 256 pixel InGaAs detector. All other instruments in the NIRLine range have peltier-cooled, thermo-electric InGaAs detectors which support cooling as low as -25°C against ambient temperature.

Avantes’ AvaSpecNIRLine instruments can be used with the AvaSpecSensLine and StarLine spectrometers. They are supplied either as OEM modules or laboratory instruments and come with several premium options such as non-linearity calibration and irradiance/intensity calibration.

The AvaSpecNIRLine instruments can be used in a wide range of applications such as quantitative and qualitative measurement of volatile organics such as ethanol, and methanol; moisture content measurement of liquids, solids and powders for inline and quality control purposes; irradiance measurements; plastic characterization and material identification; and qualitative measurements of feed and food.


Avantes offers a complete range of advanced, high-performance instruments that exceed the demands of most general spectroscopy applications.

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