Anions in Wastewater Using the Eco IC

The Eco IC, an entry-level ion chromatograph, has been designed for routine water analysis. Featuring a conductivity detector, the instrument can be used either with or without chemical suppression.

Here, the Metrosep A Supp 17 - 250/4.0 column is used to determine anions in wastewater. This type of column is suitable for water analysis at ambient temperatures.



Anion Conc. [mg/L]
1 Fluoride n.q.
2 Chloride 102.7
3 Nitrite n.q.
4 System peak (carbonate) -
5 Bromide n.q.
6 Nitrate 21.5
7 Sulfate 29.7
8 Phosphate n.q.




Sample Preparation

Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration


. .
Metrosep A Supp 17 - 250/4.0 6.01032.430
Metrosep A Supp 17 Guard/4.0 6.01032.500



Eluent 5.0 mmol/L sodium carbonate;
0.2 mmol/L sodium hydrogen carbonate
Suppressor regenerant 100 mmol/L sulfuric acid
Rinsing solution STREAM



Detection of conductivity after chemical suppression


Eco IC 2.925.0020
863 Compact IC Autosampler 2.863.0010
IC equipment: Inline Ultrafiltration 6.5330.110



Flow rate 0.6 mL/minutes
Injection volume 10 µL
Pmax 18 MPa
Recording time 34 minutes
Column temperature Ambient


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Metrohm AG.

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