Tradeshow Talks with Knick at ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Knick

Please, tell us about the company and why you are attending Achema 2018.

We - Knick Elektronische Messgeräte – are a family business with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing measuring and monitoring devices for the chemical industry, system engineering, and industrial automation. We emphasize a high level of technological refinement and place a strong focus on innovation. For process analytics we focus on the further development of the Memosens digital sensor technology to enable our customers to get the best of memosens in a broad range of applications.

What products are you highlighting at Achema 2018?

Our primary focus are Memosens - originally launched as a digital sensor, it has been developed further – creating a key technology that opens up new opportunities in process analytics. This is shown in all our product news:

With our intelligent device functions for predictive maintenance, you can increase availability and cost-effectiveness.

Stratos Multi is one of our presented products: The 1- and 2-channel multiparameter transmitter for Memosens, digital and analog sensors with PROFINET interface ensures the transparency of your sensor life cycle in the process.

Another highlight with intelligent features is Protos II. The modular premium transmitter enables fully automatic sensor control in conjunction with Unical, the control system, and SensoGate, a retractable fitting. With a completely automated measuring loop you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs and increase availability.

One of our space-saving novelties is MemoGate, a 4-channel Memosens gateway which allows data processing and transformation of Memosens sensors directly via PROFINET. With our space-saving solutions you can achieve accurate measurement results in a small space while being cost-efficient.

MemoTrans, the first 2-wire multiparameter transmitter in an ultra-compact housing for direct connection of Memosens sensors, and MemoRail, the compact, digital analyzer for Memosens and digital sensors, are also space-saving innovations which we present here at Achema.

Last but not least we show two new mobile solutions: With our Portavo portable meter, new as 2-channel version, in conjunction with MemoView, the portable diagnostic tool, you can check the sensor directly in the process on-site if an error message occurs and avoid process interruptions.

What makes your products different from anything else on the market?

With our intelligent process analyzers, automatic retractables and mobile as well as space-saving solutions we offer unique benefits and provide a Memosens universe – the best of memosens.

We place a high priority on modern communication types, such as Ethernet technologies and the compatibility of our devices with each other. Our Cloud solution and remote access to the devices will open up promising opportunities.

Which industries will benefit from your products?

Typical industries which benefit from our products are the Chemical Industry, Pharma Industry, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, Water Industry and Energy Production.


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