Gas Mixers for Research Systems and Sensor Screening

Environics has produced a range of gas mixing and gas delivery systems which are in widespread use both for the manufacture and the development of sensors. These systems are well-suited to screen or sort sensors for production, and to aid research and development. They are thus highly efficient and flexible in their range of laboratory application.

environics series 3000

Each Environics gas mixing/delivery system comprises a mass flow controller which is specially built and computerized to blend and dilute gases automatically, to generate accurate mixtures of required gases for specific analytic systems or for production lines.

The most commonly used systems include:

  • The Series 3000 Gas on Demand system consists of a gas panel system which is computerized to achieve dynamic production and delivery of gas mixes, which contain two or three gases in typical situations, but may be used to produce complex mixtures also. It is controlled chiefly by the HMI or human-machine interface, and a combined color touch screen and PLC.
  • The Series 4000 system has multiple components to mix three or less separate gases in a balance gas, using a Microsoft® Windows-mediated interface that uses a USB to interact with the user.


Environics systems such as the Series 3000 use highly accurate micro systems to regulate the thermal mass flow controllers and thus to achieve precise mixing of gases. This works by blending a span gas from a cylinder in which it is at high concentration, with a balance gas, so that the set percentage, ppm, ppb, and ppt concentrations can be achieved to within ±1% set point.

The document on Full-scale error vs. Setpoint error shows that Environics controller technology can boost the accuracy of functioning of the mass flow controller by a factor of 10.

This also ensures that Environics gas mixing/delivery systems such as the Series 3000 can achieve mixtures whose compositions are repeatable to within +/-0.05% of full scale.

In addition, the mass flow controllers are calibrated at the factory by a computerized primary flow standard which can be traced to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards.

Environics systems are also price saving. The use of pure gases to make the specified blend instead of more expensive premixed blends means that the client saves significantly over time, and the system actually helps recoup its own cost.

Optional Features

The system can be updated with audible or visual alarms if the operator is to be alerted once a specific fault condition occurs. A newly introduced feature is the facility to opt for email alarms in case the system is to be monitored offsite. All this needs is the IP address of the email server.

Another great advantage is the ability to customize each system using the large library of solutions and applications already developed in a host of onsite uses. Some options used include:

  • the RS-232 Serial Data Interface
  • Permeation ovens
  • Purge circuit
  • Status board
  • Heated gas handling system
  • Extra component gas inlet ports

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Environics, Inc.

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