Improving Speed and Autonomy in an Analytical Chain

Founded in 1953, SN Seixal is part of the Spanish Megasa Group. The company specializes in the production of steel products and have more than a thousand employees, in addition to four production plants which are located across the Iberian Peninsula. It has an installed capacity of more than three million tons.

The SN Seixal plant must validate the quality of various ferroalloys added to the scrap metal employed to create long steel products like wire rods, rebars, etc. every month they analyze multiple samples at random.

Time Savings

As any potential issues can be identified and addressed quickly, the quality control department at SN Seixal now saves significant time. For example, it previously took between 5 to 10 days to receive analytical results with the external firm.

Now it is more than twice as fast, performing the analysis internally enables them to acquire results in 2 to 3 days. The whole production process is then quicker.

More Autonomy

Further to helping avoid important money loss because of inappropriate concentrations of ferroalloys in steel, the global solution provided by Malvern Panalytical experts enabled the customer to be more autonomous in their quality control process.

We really liked the fact of dealing with only one supplier for the consultation service, fusion instrument, XRF spectrometer and software development. We know that the whole process is perfectly aligned, and that the instrument and recipes are fully compatible.

Mr. Teixeira, Megasa SN Seixal, Portugal

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