Using Stratos to Analyze NI Coatings

Utilized in the semiconductor industry, Stratos is an evolution of the market-leading thin film metrology software from PANalytical. The ability to analyze thin layers by using only bulk standards in the calibration is a key feature of Stratos.

By using this feature, the dependence on standards that are layered samples is reduced, which are often challenging to acquire or certify. Layered standards and certified reference materials may still be added for ultimate accuracy whenever available.

The Virtual Analyst is a step-by-step setup guide which Stratos also uses to simplify and optimize the setup of an application. It suggests the optimum measurement conditions possible for a specific sample type, which, if performed manually, can be a complicated and tedious process.

The analysis of nickel coatings on steel is a vital application of Stratos. Due to the hardness of the layer, nickel coatings are extremely useful in the automotive industry. Nickel coatings protect the steel from scratching to enhance wear resistance and extend the life of steel. Nickel coatings can also be utilized for decorative purposes. 

This article outlines the powerful capabilities of a Zetium, combined with the Stratos module for establishing the mass thickness of nickel coatings on steels. This is acquired by utilizing just two bulk standards instead of costly in-type standards.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Malvern Panalytical.

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