Improving Stainless Steel Tubing Performance with Inert Coatings

Improving Stainless Steel Tubing Performance with Inert Coatings

With respect to accurately delivering gas, steam, and liquids in severe, unforgiving environments, customized seamless stainless-steel tubing can provide many clear benefits. However, when installed in certain conditions, situations may still arise in which high-quality stainless steel tubing may require further surface treatment to optimize those benefits. Some of the examples include:

  • Chemical analysis applications in which stainless steel may require enhanced resistance to particular reactive chemicals.
  • Materials such as proteins in life science applications or hydrocarbons in refineries may need tubing with non-stick surface properties to enable the greater flow.
  • Micro-scale corrosion in stainless steel can leach metals into the fluid or gas stream, influencing end-product purity and overall quality.
  • Global environmental regulations concerning process uptime and production may necessitate additional protection for tubing products.

To ensure custom seamless stainless-steel tubing is the optimal choice for these and other applications, HandyTube offers stainless steel tubing products with cutting-edge protective treatments. Partnered with SilcoTek® to further strengthen the performance of stainless steel tubing for complex scientific and industrial applications, HandyTube can provide a product for applications that necessitate additional surface treatments.

SilcoTek® inert coatings are well-established and known for their thin deposition and robustness due to the patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. This CVD method is three-dimensional and non-line of sight, so it treats surfaces consistently – even those with intricate geometries. HandyTube stainless steel tubing is now available with:

  • SilcoNert® Improved flow paths enabled by inert, non-reactive silicon coating which offer supreme process control as well as consistent analytical results and sampling.
  • Dursan® A proprietary, patented NSF and USP Class VI-certified coating that enhances the longevity, fouling, and corrosion resistance across a variety of applications from extreme industrial situations to precision instruments.

The Best of Two Innovative Companies

The philosophy shared by HandyTube and SilcoTek is one dedicated to the solving of problems through cutting-edge products. Through this partnership, customers and stakeholders can depend on HandyTube to offer high-performance seamless stainless-steel tubing that ensures stringent protective and non-sticking requirements are maintained.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by HandyTube.

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