Convenience Meal Kits Processed Using Heat Transfer Fluid

Convenience food no longer means fast food. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has made convenience foods popular with working-class people, busy families, and college students. A number of supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals are also taking advantage of specialty items and premade sides.

An example of prepared foods today is scrambled eggs at the hotel restaurant buffet. It would be extremely time-consuming for an apprentice chef to crack dozens and dozens of eggs to serve a busy restaurant.

Meal kits which are thawed or baked in the oven like mac n cheese, roast potatoes, and even cereals and omelets provide customers with a gourmet experience. They take less time to get ready and remove the prep work while leaving easy cleanup and fewer leftovers.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, convenience foods have taken on an entirely new look. For example, the gourmet pasta in a grocery store can provide a mother of two teens with a much-needed break from cooking every night.

Experiencing this forced slowdown has been a welcome change in people’s normally hectic, fast-paced lives. The weekends which were previously jam-packed with activities and commitments whilst eating on the go have been replaced with home-cooked meals and conversations on an evening.

People have been given this time to reconnect with their families and themselves, and some have even embraced trying out new recipes. Convenience foods and meal kits are not only quick and easy but also cost-efficient and taste great.

They supply great taste and high quality, which is expected from a restaurant or prepared food but in different packaging than a pizza box or take out container. Paratherm is at the forefront of this process.

Paratherm has a history of working with food processors and equipment manufacturers in the food industry. When creating prepared meals and sides, thermal fluid properties yield superior results. Paratherm is proud to have played a part in many of the chef-inspired convenience meals found in supermarkets today.

How Does Paratherm Deliver Superior Qualities Within the Food Processing Industries?

When discussing good food, we can all relate, everybody has their favorite meals and recipes. Paratherm starts with quality ingredients, which are then prepped before using the right cooking method. The cooking method involves using the right timing and temperature, which are vital in attaining just the right flavor, color, and texture.

Everybody has made soggy pasta or overcooked a steak for example. Now let's put this into the food processing context. To ensure quality, you must have the right cooking time and temperature in preparing 10,000 lbs. an hour, 24 hours a day, maybe 7 days a week, which leaves no room for error. The industrial cooking environment is different from home kitchens.

With enormous fryers, ovens, and grills it is difficult to get exact continuous heating to these constantly. That is where Paratherm comes in, they have a looped system that is made up of a heater, users (fryers, etc.), pump, and piping.

The fluid is brought to a temperature at the heater before being pushed through 4-inch piping at a rate of 10 feet per second. This piping runs into a fryer oil or oven plate where it releases consistent heat, it lastly returns to the heater to start again.

The high-temperature Paratherm Fluid traveling through this loop is the key to delivering the heat utilized in cooking. It does this within a temperature range tolerance of plus or minus 1-degree Fahrenheit.

Paratherm will not drift more than 1-degree F, regardless of what the temperature is set to, which is highly precise. Consistent superior results come from marrying this to managed time in ovens and fryers.

Paratherm is also safer than cooking with high-pressure steam, safer than having open flame heating in an industrial environment, and finally, uses 40 % less energy than cooking with traditional techniques.

Prepared foods and meal kits can be relied on. Paratherm provides fluid technology and solid service and has done for more than 30 years. Paratherm provides 24-hour emergency support, allowing its customers to call them anytime to help with technical questions or system fills.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Paratherm.

For more information on this source, please visit Paratherm.


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