Supreme 10HT Epoxy Adhesive Withstands Creep and Fatigue

Master Bond Supreme 10HT is a one component system formulated to withstand creep and fatigue due to high application stresses. This outstanding epoxy offers tensile shear strengths in excess of 3,600 psi and T-peel strengths up to 30 pli. It is cryogenically serviceable and readily withstands severe thermal cycling along with mechanical shock and vibration. Supreme 10HT has a number of exceptional processing advantages; no mixing is necessary prior to use, the viscosity will not thicken over time, the working life is unlimited at room temperature and it is room temperature storable.

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Master Bond Supreme 10HT

Supreme 10HT is a unique epoxy and has been used in many difficult applications with great success. Recently, I recommended this product for a cryogenic application where vacuum compatibility and low outgassing were necessary. Most importantly, the customer required a significant reduction in the production time since their process involved measuring, mixing, and curing a two component system with a long cure time. Supreme10HT was a great fit, and it worked extremely well in their application.

Venkat Nandivada, Technical Advisor, Master Bond Inc.

The Challenges of Creep and Fatigue on Advanced Applications

The outstanding expectations of advanced machinery exposed to constant mechanical stresses have created a difficult obstacle for engineers specifically in dealing with issues of creep and fatigue. Creep is severe in high temperature environments that endure constant, elevated mechanical stress while fatigue takes place over a more cyclical process enduring both high and low stresses. Both creep and fatigue cause a great hindrance to the lifetime and effectiveness of the overall application.

Due to the harsh nature of creep and fatigue it is imperative to choose the right epoxy adhesive for your application in order to resist potential deformation and damages of high mechanical stress applications. Master Bond offers a wide array of fatigue and creep resistant polymer systems with additional outstanding performance properties. These have been specially developed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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