Accurate Corrosion Testing and Service Environments

Corrosion can occur in numerous materials, ranging from steel and concrete, to metals and polymers in a number of applications such as medical devices, pipes, bridges, etc. Scientists at RJ Lee Group understand that material and environmental chemistry define corrosion behavior. The company has a full service laboratory that comprises a number of options for testing corrosion.

Types of Corrosion Testing

Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers include material qualification as defined by ASTM standard testing, accelerated corrosion testing as defined by ASTM standard environments, and accelerated corrosion testing based on client-specific environments. Electro-chemical testing is yet another type of corrosion testing.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis includes environmental chemistry and material chemistry. In the former technique particle testing, water testing, and air sampling and testing are carried out, while in the latter technique surface analysis (ESCA/XPS) and ICP chemical analysis are performed.

Full Service Metallography Laboratory

This testing includes sample cross sectioning, drilling, cutting, mooting, grinding, polishing, etching, and hardness testing.

Field Deployable Services

Under field deployable services, stereo-microscope for surface assessment, handheld XRF for chemical analysis, surface replicas, and field metallography and microstructural evaluation are performed.


Corrosion: A Fact of Life

Corrosion cannot be completely eliminated and even the best efforts cannot protect products from this phenomenon. Nevertheless, when operating corrosion mechanisms are detected and identified, one can get a better understanding on the remaining life of product and the options available to extend the product’s life. The experts at RJ Lee Group are capable of finding out the source of corrosion failure, developing a mitigation plan, and assessing the remaining product life.

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