Cost-Effective Solution for Industrial Assembly

A rail industry client employed extended drill bits in hand-assembly work to facilitate workers to attach materials by reaching beyond structural members. However, cobalt drill bits and taps were high in cost and broke frequently while using. Hence, the factory management wanted to find a solution to minimize this consumable expense and the resulting downtime.

Solution from American Friction Welding

The following are the advantages of the new solution:

  • Stronger when compared to full-length cobalt tool steel bits
  • Improved worker productivity with lowered downtime
  • Less prone to break under tension at different work angles
  • Material cost minimized by reducing cobalt steel by 66%

American Friction Welding work in close cooperation with customers throughout their projects. The company provides the ultimate cost-effective solutions through design engineering assistance, process analysis and testing. Besides the meaningful friction welding advantage, American Friction Welding provides extensive post-production KanBan inventory and logistical support services.

About American Friction Welding

American Friction Welding, one of the largest full service Friction Welding Job Shops in the US, provides high quality friction welding and turn-key products manufactured to customer specifications.

From prototypes to full production, our design engineering assistance, process analysis, quality control, and testing provide cost-effective solutions. Add KanBan inventory and logistical support services and you’ve got The Friction Welding Advantage from AFW.

The process of Friction Welding has been utilized in the United States and Europe for over 50 years. Although well known to some, in general it has been a very well kept secret. Once people completely understand the process, its benefits quickly become evident.

Friction welding is a "solid-state joint process that produces coalescence of materials under compressive force contact of workpieces rotating or moving relative to one another to produce heat and plastically displace material from the faying surfaces". The friction welding machine controls this rubbing through a series of unique parameters for rotational speed (rpm’s), axial force, and time. Once these parameters are established, they are recorded, stored, and then repeated with each cycle of the machine.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by American Friction Welding.

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