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Zinc aluminum (ZA) alloys are alloys with zinc as the base metal, with higher concentrations of aluminum when compared to traditional zinc alloys. Other metals that are present on these alloys are magnesium and copper. The ZA alloys were first introduced for gravity casting.

Zinc aluminum alloys are high performance alloys that exhibit good strength, corrosion resistance and hardness. Some of the common zinc-aluminum alloys are ZA8, ZA12 and ZA27, where the number represents the concentration of aluminum. Another class of zinc aluminum alloys is ZAMAK alloys.

ZA27 alloy is a light weight alloy suited for applications that require optimum strength. It exhibits good strength, hardness, bearing and creep properties. This datasheet will elaborate on the chemical composition and properties of ZA27 alloy.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of zinc-aluminum ZA27 alloy is given in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Zinc,Zn Remainder
Aluminum,Al 28
Copper, Cu 2.5
Iron, Fe 0.075
Magnesium, Mn 0.02
Lead, Pb 0.006
Cadmium, Cd 0.006
Tin, Sn 0.006

Physical Properties

The following table discusses the physical properties of zinc-aluminum ZA27 alloy.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 5 gm/cm3 0.181 lb/in3

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of zinc-aluminum ZA27 alloy are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 400-441 MPa 58-64 ksi
Yield strength 372 MPa 54 ksi
Modulus of elasticity 77.9 GPa 11370 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.32 0.32

Other Designations

Some of the other designations that are used to denote zinc-aluminum ZA27 alloy are as below:

  • AC41A
  • Z35841


The zinc-aluminum ZA27 alloy is used in the following applications:

  • Bearings
  • Die-casting
  • Thin wall decorations


  1. Ron Zakrzewski Ron Zakrzewski United States says:

    The "Other Designations" (above) for ZA27 as being equivalent to AC41A is WRONG !  AC41A is Zinc Alloy #5, 4.0% Al & 1.0% Cu.


    is zinc alloy preparation patented ?

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