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Radioactive Waste Management And Contaminated Site Clean-Up

Radioactive Waste Management And Contaminated Site Clean-Up

Radioactive waste management is highly critical with regards to the usage of radioisotopes in medicine, research and industry and to cleaning up materials in nuclear weapon programmes. The book, Radioactive Waste Management and Contaminated Site Clean-Up provides an overview of radioactive waste management technologies, processes, and international experiences. Part one talks about the background and principles of radioactive waste management. The chapters provide an overview on the basics of radioactive waste that include sources, characterisation, and processing strategies. Additional chapters talk about international safety standards, the remediation of radioactively contaminated sites, and irradiated nuclear fuel management. Chapters in part two provide an insight into the present international situation in several countries including Russia, Poland, Germany, France, England, Scotland, USA, Canada, and China. The experience in Japan, with a specific chapter on the situation and future plans at Fukushima, is also covered. Finally, part three talks about the clean-up of sites contaminated by weapons programmes.

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