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Thermal Degradation of Polymeric Materials

Thermal Degradation of Polymeric Materials
Thermal degradation of polymeric materials is an important issue from both the academic and the industrial viewpoints. Understanding the thermal degradation of polymers is of paramount importance for developing a rational technology of polymer processing and higher-temperature applications. Controlling degradation requires understanding of many different phenomena, including chemical mechanisms, the influence of polymer morphology, the complexities of oxidation chemistry, and the effects of stabilisers, fillers and other additives.

This work summarises recent developments in the study of the thermal degradation of polymers. The authors present an overview of thermal degradation mechanisms and kinetics as well as describing the use of thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry, in combination with mass spectroscopy and infrared spectrometry, to investigate thermal decomposition. These methods have proved useful for defining suitable processing conditions for polymers as well as useful service guidelines for their application.

The authors go on to discuss the thermal degradation of various polymers, copolymers, high-performance plastics, blends and composites, including polyolefins, styrene polymers, polyvinyl chloride, polyamides, polyurethanes, polyesters, polyacrylates and others.

This book offers a wealth of information for polymer researchers and processors requiring an understanding of the implications of thermal degradation on material and product performance.

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